Posted by: Alex | November 18, 2008

Beyond Winetraveller…

This blog was to be my record of my journey around the world, and my year away, making an easterly circuit of the Southern hemisphere may be over, but I’m still on the road, and before I even returned to the UK back in August, I had started planning a new site.

As ever though, I found myself exceedingly busy for the months of September and October working the harvest is Napa – a real mecca for winemaking and wine touring, which gave me more than enough material to be writing about, but not enough time to write!

Armed with a computer of my very own, and finding myself in New Zealand temporarily without a dayjob, I have begun the unexpectedly complicated business of getting the new site up and running..

With any luck though, as long as the internet behaves itself and lets me do what I want to do, the new site will be up and running soon – I intend to archive the winetraveller year on the site as well as add the odd post when time allows, so watch this space, and I’ll have the new site up and running as soon as I can work out all the gremlins in the machine…

Thanks for reading!



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